Antriebs- und Fördertechnik liefert hochqualitative Bandabzugsriemen und Förderbänder, made in Germany.
All of our products are manufactured individually according to our customers' requirements.

For this reason cooperation with your technical department is most important to be able to find specific solutions to your issues.

Our product range:
Continuously vulcanized rubber belts with endless reinforcement layers manufactured in black or beige, in various styles, lengths (up to 22'000 mm length), profiles, eg Poly-V belt with solid rubber edges for rotating machines
Special Belts
We are coating standard belts of any profiles for specific surface properties, such as coatings with Linatex, Vulkolan or other plastics and rubbermaterials
Belts of PU, PVC, Silicone
also in various styles, lengths and profiles
Endless Converyor belts
with particularly smooth surfaces to 22'000 mm length and 2'000 mm width for special requirements
Rubber Parts
Rubberized drums or cylinders, rubber-metal bondings, molded rubber and plastics